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Overview: Newborn Photography in Gurgaon

Newborn Photography Delhi, NCR

Maternity Photography

Cherish the most memorable moments in your life, allow us to enter your life to capture this phase we just don’t click pictures but we capture the emotions. Know more about Maternity shoot

Baby Photography

Baby Photography sessions are done starting 2nd month onwards. We bring the studio setup, props etc at your home and create a mobile studio at your place. The shoot is done at your home so that your baby stays cheerful throughout the session. Know more about Baby photoshoot

Newborn Photography

Newborn photography is about capturing the precious, delicate moments of the infant with the mother. We do the infant shoot in the first month of the birth at the comfort of your home. Know more about Birthday shoot

Birthday Photography

We provide one stop solutions to all the needs for the day and we go the extra mile in making that day special for you. From cake smash sessions to pre-birthday photoshoot; from video birthday invites to candid cinematography, we provide the experience that only lives through pictures. Know more about Birthday photoshoot

Wedding Photography

We provide the Wedding serices by the name of Elitography. At Elitography we believe in quality than than quantity.
Know more about Wedding Photography

Commercial Photography

We take up very selected commercial projects. For sample work or any query please contact us

    TotOGraphy specializes in providing professional Newborn photography services, Baby Portfolio and Young models casting, Maternity Shoot in Delhi/Gurgaon. We have a team of talented professional who have won multiple awards on the international photography circuit, like International Aperture Award, prestigious Bhiku Ram Jain Award and many more. We have partnership with reputed PR agencies of Mumbai and Delhi to help you in your career when you are a budding model.

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How We Work On Newborn Photography

We as a team capture the joy of childhood. We the TotOGraphy team, capture the new beginning, arrival of a new life. After the long wait of 40 weeks, those impatient hours spent in the hospital to hear the good news, those tears of joy after hearing the first cry of the little one – holding the bundle of joy in your hands for the first time ever – arrival of the new life, along with whom new parents are born too! Imagine, a perfect capture at that very perfect moment!! We, the TotOGraphy team, realizes the preciousness of those nascent moments, when you hold your baby close to your heart for the first time. We will be there with you capturing the heavenly moments unmatched with any experience of life.

Among the various services that we provide we have a very strong presence in:

The TotOGraphy team with a crew of International award winning Photographer and talented designers help you cherish the moments during the Pre-natal period as well as after the birth of your child.
We capture those euphoric moments when you behold your child after his/her birth, which will remain an everlasting exaltation.

Our TotOGraphy team strives for excellence and perfection to bring you personalized pictures of your new born in the most exquisite way. The professionally taken pictures are processed with utmost care and on high quality paper for excellent results. What can be made out of those pictures knows no limits of imaginations.

A loving hug, a kiss on the forehead, a naughty peck on the nose, the first time when eyes meet, the first smile, and much more. All these pearls captured, processed and presented to you to be cherished for the rest of the happy life. Because we know and we care!!